Visiting Archer Point

Visiting Archer PointCooks Shire Council allows camping at Archer Point and access to the area for camping is with the consent of the Traditional Owners. We will continue to allow bush camping in allocated areas until proper infrastructure is put in place and a formalised camping arrangement is developed. However, you do require a permit from our office, you can phone (07) 4069 6957 or visit our office during business hours at Suite 1/99 Charlotte Street Cooktown.

We ask people camping at Archer Point to please respect the area that they are in. We also request that you take all rubbish with you when you leave the site. We request that no domestic animals (e.g. horses, dogs) be kept at Archer Point so that the area can be enjoyed by all people.

Our outlook is to look after the country and better manage the country so that we all can continue to enjoy the area for many years to come. People also need to be aware that there are a number of cultural sites at Archer Point and we are developing plans and we will be working with Cultural Heritage officers to better manage these sites to protect them from further deterioration.

So please be careful whilst at Archer Point, if we all treat the area with respect then it will be a lot more pleasant for everyone to enjoy.