Our Ranger Program - What we do.

The Traditional Owners wish to ensure that all areas of our homeland (including the coastal strips) are managed and cared for in accordance with our traditional practices, in order to create a sustainable future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

The rangers aim is to ensure that the natural environment is sufficiently managed and protected by learning from their elders and each other.

Furthermore, the rangers are sharing their concerns and their cultural and environmental aspirations within the wider community.

Our Yuku Baja Muliku Rangers are working on country to develop sustainable land and sea management practices for the future, by performing a number of duties, including:

  • Turtle rescue;
  • Sea grass and sea turtle monitoring;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Junior ranger program;
  • Land and sea patrols;
  • Fencing projects;
  • Fire management;
  • On country camps;
  • School camps/excursions;
  • Weed control;
  • Feral animal control;
  • Development of visitor infrastructure;
  • Income diversification through enterprise;
  • Flora and fauna surveys; and
  • Day to day management activities.


Water quality monitoring

The Yuku Baja Muliku Rangers have increased their skills by completing a number of different training programs, including:

  • Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Conservation and Land Management;
  • Fire Management Level 1;
  • Shipboard Safety Training;
  • Chemical Handling;
  • Marine Compliance Eyes and Ears training;
  • Boat licences;
  • Leadership courses with Cape York Institute;
  • Fauna identification;
  • Sea grass monitoring refresh;
  • Quad bike training;
  • Bird identification;
  • Manual map reading and compass/GPS work; and
  • I-Tracker training.
Quad Bike Training
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