We welcome you to the Yuku Baja Muliku (Archer Point) website. The Yuku Baja Muliku people are the Traditional Custodians of Archer Point, which is located 20km South of Cooktown, North Queensland. Our traditional lands border two of Australia’s world heritage areas – the Wet Tropical Rainforests of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Our vision and gift to Australia is to manage Yuku Baja Muliku sustainably, to ensure that its rich biodiversity and cultural integrity remain for the current and future generations of all people. We are currently establishing walking tracks and camping sites so our home can be shared with all.

After many decades of neglect and land speculation Yuku Baja Muliku has recently been returned to our people. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure sustainable and comprehensive management of this significant region, while also allowing our people the opportunity to strive towards economic independence.

Our country covers 22,500 hectares and the region is rich in cultural sites which are entwined with fringing coral reefs, beaches, rainforests, woodlands, mangroves, saltpans, and sea grass beds. The rich biodiversity of the region includes turtles, dugongs, bennetts tree kangaroos, and striped possums. Furthermore, the region includes some of the most pristine fringing coral reefs in the tropics and it is the convergence zone between the healthy and stable turtle and dugong populations of Cape York and the declining populations to our south.

This new and exciting priority project will provide a turtle rescue and rehabilitation centre for sick and injured turtles found throughout the Cape York region. Help us to ensure a strong, healthy and sustainable turtle population for now and in the future.

What we DO:

Through our two sister organisations Yuku Baja Muliku Landowner and Reserves Ltd and Yuku Baja Muliku Land Trust we represent the interests of our 200 clan members and our bubu (land). We are striving towards a sustainable economy, real jobs, strong culture and effective land and sea management. Through regaining our land and through the establishment of our ranger program we have created the foundation and springboard to achieve our vision.

We welcome interest and support for our activities.

Our current PROJECTS:

Turtle & Rehabilitation Centre

Cape York has a large and stable turtle population, however, to the south of Archer Point the turtle population density declines, due to increased industrialisation and erosion....

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Monitoring Seagrass Beds

The Yuku Baja Muliku Rangers have been monitoring the sea grass beds at Archer Point since 2008 and they have noticed a dramatic change in the quality and quantity of the sea grass beds.

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Development of Visitor Infastructure

For several decades prior to the re-acquisition of our homelands the land was held as a land bank by a developer (the notorious Cairns based developer George Quade)...

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Pest & Weed Control

The Yuku Baja Muliku rangers are working with a number of community groups to further their knowledge and management of pests and weeds.

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Fire Management

The Yuku Baja Muliku Rangers have been involved in controlled burning of fire tolerant vegetation. Using traditional fire burning techniques....

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Cultural Management

The Yuku Baja Muliku Cultural Heritage Team have been working with the rangers to record anything of cultural significance...

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Yubu Baja Muliku is guided by the motto:

Our Land - Our People - OUR FUTURE

We respect the land and sea that defines our community and enriches our quality of life.

We value our families, our people and our community, we respect our Elders. We are strong families with pride and confidence in who we are. We are proud of our culture and our traditions. We stand together on country as one.

We are dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, protection of the environment and respect of cultural diversity.

We provide opportunities for community involvement and provide protection of our cultural sites so that younger generations can benefit from the conservation of the area and maintenance of our culture for many more years to come.

Our main objectives are:

  • To provide a professional service to Traditional Owners in caring for country in accordance with our culture, laws and customs and best practice.
  • To create job opportunities
  • To establish business opportunities and provide support to Traditional Owners in establishing private enterprise.
  • To enhance, promote and develop our business.
  • To provide opportunities for community involvement and promoting empowerment of people.
  • To work professionally with other organisations and government agencies to achieve positive outcomes for the corporation in Land and Sea Management, and business enterprises.
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